I Model Management - Elevating South African Talent to Global Heights

I Model Management, South Africa's premier model management agency, dedicated to shaping the future of the modeling industry in the heart of Africa. Established with a vision for excellence, diversity, and unparalleled service, we take pride in representing a diverse board of male and female models, catering to both international and national markets.

Our Mission:

At I Model Management, our mission is to discover, nurture, and elevate South African talent to international acclaim. We are committed to breaking barriers, embracing diversity, and redefining beauty standards in the fashion and modeling world.

Services Offered:

  1. Model Representation: Our agency boasts a curated roster of male and female models, each uniquely talented and ready to make a mark in the global fashion scene.

  2. Client Collaboration: For brands seeking the perfect face to represent their products, I Model Management offers a seamless collaboration experience. We understand the importance of matching the right model to the essence of your brand.

  3. Career Advancement: For aspiring models, I Model Management serves as a launchpad for career advancement. Our experienced professionals provide personalized support and guidance to help models reach their full potential.

Why Choose I Model Management:

  • Diversity: We celebrate and embrace diversity in all its forms, ensuring that our model roster represents a wide spectrum of talents, backgrounds, and ethnicities.

  • Commitment to Excellence: With a relentless pursuit of excellence,

  • I Model Management  sets industry standards for professionalism, integrity, and innovation in model management.

  • Global Reach: While rooted in South Africa, our agency has a global outlook. We connect South African talent with international opportunities, opening doors to the global fashion stage.


I Model Management
115 Edgely Road
Durban North, 4051

P.O. BOX 20614
Durban North 4015

+27 (0) 64-704-4672